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BMW Hitag2 OBD2 keycoder

Price:  3500 EUR



The new BMW keycoder is the first tool in the world who can program and edit all CAS1 CAS2 CAS3 CAS3+ for BMW, MINI, ROLLES ROYES by OBD2.
•Read/write/save all CAS by OBD2;
•Programming 10 keys by OBD2 from 2004 to 2010 in 10 secondes;
•No need to downgrade CAS version updated by ISTA up to v45 (from 2010y);
•It can program used key with PCF7942/PCF7944 if you know ISK of old key by OBD2;
•Syncronisation CAS/EGS, CAS/DDE, CAS/ELV by OBD2;
•Programming mielage correction by OBD2;
•Change VIN number in all CAS module and UIF by OBD2;
•Enable/disable EWS function in EGS module by OBD2;
•Setting comfort access and remote control by OBD2;
•Extract fa code from all CAS by OBD2;
•Programming key on lastest BMW from 2010-2011 with latest technology Ews4_SK (original key must be present);
•Programming of new key (transponder, remote control, id-transmitter (for keyless-go);
•Programming key or transponder direclty in the ignition coil!!!;
•Programming of used key - you can enter key data manually or you can load data from CAS EEPROM dump;
•Recode CAS to change ammount of allowed keyless-go keys;
•Block/unblock keys, change key memory number;
•Read/write, VIN Number;
•Read/write VIN in instrument cluster, LM or FRM;
Pro version:
•CAS editor full control over keys data (it's for advanced users and will not be used for simple jobs);
•Key editor read/write key directly in ignition lock like hitag2 programmer;
•Restoration of synchronization of remote control in keys if it's lost;
•Read/write EEPROM in CAS3/3+ as it stored in mcu via OBD2;

Car supported: E60/ E61 /E63 /E64/ E65/ E70/ E71/ E87/ E90/ E91/ E92/ E93 X6 X5.